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About the V.B.Z. Ltd.

V.B.Z. is a publisher, bookseller and distributor of books from Zagreb, Croatia with subsidiaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.
Just like large European publishers, V.B.Z. asserted itself by publishing the widest range of editions. There are the most recent and the best quality Croatian and international titles in the V.B.Z. edition, from the genres of fiction, non-fiction, professional and popular literature, spiritual literature, manuals, advice and reference books, essayistic and poetry.
From the founding of the company in 1991, V.B.Z. has published more than 800 titles, among which there are works of the most appreciated Croatian and foreign writers of today. 

has made contacts with many foreign publishers and literary agents who have shown interest in publishing works of our authors from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

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