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Architecture TeNeues Grid Calendar 2013 (Meki uvez)


Grid CalendarsZidni kalendar.- prelistaj kalendarhttp://www.teneues.com/shop-int/calendars/grid-calendars--Page-1?per_site=100više...

Architecture Now Vol 7 (Flexi uvez)

Jodidio, Philip

After the Fall - Architecture in a new Economic ClimateTASCHEN's Architecture Now! 7 features an arching overview of today's architecture, from modern to radically avant-garde. As with previous books in the series, Architecture Now! 7 includes a broa...više...

Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture (Tvrdi uvez)

Editors of Phaidon Press

NAPOMENA: akcijska cijena, sniženo sa 999,00 na 799,20 kn (-20%), akcija traje do isteka zaliha.The "Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture" is a comprehensive portrayal of the finest built architecture from around the world compl...više...

Modern Architecture A-Z Gold (Tvrdi uvez)

Gossel, Peter

An unprecedented architecture encyclopedia"The book provides a splendid record of architecture from the nineteenth century to the present day." - Architectural Review, LondonUnlike most architecture encyclopedias, which tend to concentrate more on bu...više...

Coop Himmelb(l)au (Tvrdi uvez)

Monninger, Michael

Architecture must burnOpen-minded designs and undefined spaces of radical architecture"Coop Himmelb(l)au is not a color but an idea of creating architecture with fantasy, as buoyant and variable as clouds." So the architecture group itself defines it...više...

Wood Architecture Now! (Flexi uvez)

Jodidio, Philip

... see moreNature's greatest resourceModern wood architecture from Tierra del Fuego to North CapeWood is renewable and sustainable, solid and attractive. Wood can be bent and shaped to the most modern of designs. It is the material of the moment for...više...

Architecture Now! Public Spaces (Flexi uvez)

Jodidio, Philip

Public Architecture Now!Contemporary goes MainstreamWe tend to divide buildings into two basic categories—private structures such as houses, and public buildings like railway stations, concert halls or museums. Public buildings have limits of their o...više...

Architecture in China (Tvrdi uvez)

Jodidio, Philip

Great Leap Forward: Contemporary Architecture in China The past five years have seen a revolution in Chinese architecture - the emergence of independent designers, and a number of new stars - and above all new and interesting buildings that are n...više...

Phaidon Atlas Travel Edition (Meki uvez)

Editors of Phaidon Press

NAPOMENA: akcijska cijena, sniženo sa 175,00 na 98,00 kn (-44%), akcija traje do isteka zaliha.The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture: Travel EditionArchitecture buffs no longer have to lug around the 17-pound original edition...više...

Architecture Now! Shopping (Meki uvez)

Jodidio, Philip

Let's talk shop!The latest volume in the world's most successful architecture seriesShops are the one place where the stars of the world of architecture, from David Adjaye to Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid encounter the people who make the world of desi...više...

Stranica 1 od 26 (254 rezultata)
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